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This Sample Website, provided with ThunderSite Deluxe, allows you to discover ThunderSite's most popular features. You can use it as a sort of sandbox area before testing new features on your own website. If at any time you need help, can access the built-in help system by pressing F1 or by clicking on the Help menu.

Experienced users: Skip to the What's New section.

Before starting the Sample Website tour, we recommend that you become familiar with the 'Preliminary definitions'  and read the 'Getting started with ThunderSite' page in the Help system (press F1).

Sample Websites published with other Graphic Templates: Sample 1 - Sample 2 - Sample 3 - The ThunderSite Website Sample. 

Introduction to ThunderSite Deluxe

The best Windows software for making and managing multimedia websites with point-and-click ease just got better!

Using ThunderSite lets you make a website from scratch, or just copy and paste content from a Word document you made earlier. No other software can get you started as fast, and keep your website as fresh, as ThunderSite can.

What’s more, this easy to use software lets you manage the content and framework of your website, and publish it on the web, without the need for external assistance from a web agency or in-house technical team. That’s why it’s loved by clubs, small businesses, schools, and independent professionals alike.

Registering ThunderSite online

To benefit from Generalia Software’s Technical Support and latest updates, you need to register your software online. To do so, go to Help > Register in the menu and fill in the form.

Registering this software will allow you to receive the latest information about available updates and new Generalia Software products.

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